Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I could have danced all night!! I start a new job after next week! I am still dancing for the way everything fell into place yesterday! My plan was to pick up the application, fill it out, return it and wait for the proverbial phone call for an interview. Upon returning my application, I was asked if I would like to interview as her one thirty did not show up (Somewhere along the way I had misplaced my confidence). Certainly, I would love to have an interview (interviews don't make me nervous) and then she added, "I also have some testing for you to do, Yikes! That's where I get nervous! I can do myself in quickly on a test, as I stress myself out, and then cannot think clearly. So as I am sitting at the computer station (looking everywhere for my confidence), she is explaining to me there are practice tests (whatever). I decided when my time started to just dive in and do my best, what else could I do at this point! I also figured if my testing was that bad, I would probably never see these people again anyway, right? I'm typically a positive person, except when it comes to testing for a job, and forget about it when they stand behind you and watch you test!! As I finished, and she asked that I step over and look at my test scores, I was actually calculating how long would I take to apologize and thank her for her time, and make it out the front door in utter embarrassment. She said "I'm a little nervous" and then she added "could you have done any better?", I start to share again how nervous I was (like that would matter) and she said "I have not interviewed anybody with test scores this high, if this is your nervous score, what's your normal score?" Total and complete bewilderment on my part! Trying not to let it show, I graciously thank her for her time and wait to do my Happy Dance outside!!


ms-teacher said...

Congrats!! You'll need to let me know all about it!

Phil said...

I think that's how it usually works. If you're interviewing for the job that fits. The tests, in my experience (and I have done some hiring) just separate the sentient from the brain-dead.

Don't be cowed into accepting something that you don't like. Even at your age (and I wish I'd known this when I was your age), there's no reason to waste professional time banging your head against a rock.

Attack, and capture the job that you're destined for.

I wish you the best.

DivaJood said...

Good luck on the job! It's always an adventure, yes?