Friday, November 21, 2008

At 7,500 feet, Mt. Ashland is the highest point in the Siskiyou mountain range. Its north facing slopes collect an average 300 inches of snowfall annually. The picture is Mount Ashland Ski Area with the Beautiful Ski Lodge. Personally, my view of the ski area is from my truck going over the Siskiyou Pass on the interstate. Not much time to take in the scenery on that part of the highway, so you might just want to take the exit and a little drive through the snow to the Lodge!!
My Father-in-Law was involved in building the Mount Ashland Ski Lodge!


Theresa said...

Hi just checking out new blogs, I was really into blogging last year at this time, and posted lots of great photos- seemed to have lost my edge, really enjoyed looking at your photo's and listening to your music. Nice blog!

Phil said...

I've walked on snow - lots of snow - there in late June.