Saturday, November 22, 2008

This is the Rogue River National Recreation Trail. A few years ago I did a 50 mile hike on this trail from Galice to Illahe. It was by far the Best hike I had ever done, and being in the group I was in, it was a lot of fun! The Trail follows the Rogue River, so we had raft support if anything should happen and we couldn't hike the rest of the trail. In addition to the beautiful scenery and wildlife of the river corridor, the rich hillsides of the Rogue are so amazing with wild flowers. If you love hiking and the serenity of the woods, this is something you should definitely plan. I can honestly say it's the Best hike I have ever done!

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Phil said...

Hadn't heard of this trail - sounds tempting! Might have to add it to our southern Oregon repertoire.