Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today I found out what customer service is really all about. The problem is, I actually wasn't supposed to be on my own. The company has someone working with you (second day for me) taking calls for customer service issues and delivery confirmations. Everything was fabulous this morning and moving right along without a hitch (I was proud). Then someone forgot to tell someone that they left, and I was on my own taking calls. Well, as Murphys Law would happen, I started getting all the difficult calls I couldn't figure out, and the phone just started ringing off the hook (Funny Murphy!). As much as I would like to say, everything was handled effectively and efficiently, it just wasn't the case. All the customers were taken care of, and items noted, however all the details still needed done. When someone finally figured out what had happened, they were gracious I didn't run out of the building screaming! In the mean time....................I still have a ringing in my ears!

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Phil said...

Yeah, you can always identify the customer service folks - they're the ones with arrows lodged in their backs!