Saturday, January 3, 2009

This picture is from last year!! This is a Tribute Post to Riley. Mr. Sneaky son every once in a while, likes to buy spagetti-o's. Riley, every once in a while, thinks he is a master thief! This time however, he fell asleep with the evidence a little to close to deny!!! The tribute is because we lost our Beloved Riley. A true Companion and Best Friend for my boys as well as the Kitties! A true and devoted hiking partner all those years. We chose Riley as I had promised my oldest son when he turned seven he could have a puppy! Of course, mom did not remember this............but the morning of his seventh Birthday, the first thing my son said when he woke up is "aren't we shopping for a puppy today", and so we did! Riley was labeled with an Indian name in the beginning of his life....Riley P Squat n Puddle! Riley was Fifteen and had such a good life!! You will most definitely be missed.


ms-teacher said...

we were all sad to hear about Riley. He was truly a good dog and will be missed.

dkuroiwa said...

Saying "goodbye" to a beloved pet is so hard...Riley sounds like a dog that will live forever in your hearts.